The ONLY fitness club promotional tool you will ever need!

The beauty of the Digital Lead Generation System is that in fact it's...

14, yes 14, CO-ORDINATED promotions working powerfully together in ONE automated system.

1. Online

Harness the power of FREE to enter ONLINE COMPETITIONS and SHORT TERM TRIALS featuring "Spin the Wheel" promotions, to attract prospects via a range of online traffic builders.

Change the offers and Competitions each month and automate the follow up conversion offers to your growing list of registered prospects.

The promotional system includes "remarketing" services and incentives to "warm" cold prospects. We utilise increasingly compelling trial offers to persuade slow converters to convert.

We truly believe that if you own or manage a fitness business,then this is the ONLY marketing tool you will ever need to drive membership!

2. Offline

By utilising the QR technology in your flyers and posters you can drive traditional offline marketing to your programme of online competitions and trial offers.

Its the perfect and most efficient way to get prospects who have picked up your flyer off the mat to reveal themselves by going online to enter the promotion and makes leafletting a very productive marketing activity delivering outstanding R.O.I.

We can supply you with customised artwork for your flyers and Digital Leadboxes fitted with built in QR and NFC codes.

Prospects will be able to see your Club offer displayed on branded Digital Leadboxes in shops and places of interest, and can connect to your Online promotion by scanning the QR code with their phone to link to your promotional page.

When you use the combination of offline, online and secondary promotions, we GUARANTEE you'll be amazed by the results!

  • Run regular trial offers and competitions online.
  • Use Facebook , Google, and Linked in, Email, txt and social media posts to communicate with your customers,cold prospects and ex members.
  • Leaflet with a QR code and drive your offline prospects to your Competition ONLINE.
  • Place leadboxes in hot traffic areas near your facility.

Stand back... Watch the leads flood in!

Please watch the videos below to find out more about this UNIQUE combination of offline and online promotion

From door 2 door, and cafes to car dealerships, it's the lead-generation technology that's catching the imagination – and the custom – of businesses by the thousand. And it's simply perfect for a fitness club like yours.  

Digital Lead Generation: the quickest, easiest way to market your club and gather hundreds of business leads – and a serious boost to your membership.

And if your Digital Lead Generation system doesn't land you more leads, you'll get your money back.

Make the entry to your competitions part of leafletting campaigns by adding a QR code.

Run different competitions each month for fitness fans, Personal Training advocates, and group exercise enthusiasts.

Place your Digital Leadboxes in spots which get plenty of regular throughput – restaurants, shops, company reception desks, hotel entrances etc

– you'll soon see the difference this combination will make to your business.

With 24/7 visibility, and a super simple to use data capture system, you can manage your leads more easily and effectively than ever.

What do I get with a Digital Lead Generation System?

  • Branded and customised online landing pages for each competition
  • Integrated Tap & Collect data capture system embedded in artwork
  • Facebook ad campaigns and google display campaigns run for you
  • Remarketing campaigns to improve conversion
  • Winners announcement offers
  • Slow converter follow up offers
  • Fully-branded artwork for your leadbox units – unique to you
  • QR Codes to embed in your flyers
  • 'Thank you for your enquiry' pages
  • Automated Email & SMS strings
  • GDPR compliance
  • Guaranteed to work for a minimum 500 leads
  • Fully supported for 12 months

And the Results...

708 Leads in 2 Months

"July and August every year presents a challenge for health club operators in regards to gaining engagement and leads for their business. The Digital Leadbox created such a buzz it overwhelmed our membership department! 

The common complaint of 'lack of leads' was obsolete as membership advisers had plenty of prospects to follow up on! Simplistic in nature but incredibly effective, straight in the marketing plan for next year without hesitation!"  

Gary Sheppard General Manager Parkwood Health & Fitness, Salisbury 

After 1 Week

After 6 Weeks

After 5 Weeks